Monday, October 13, 2008

Israeli BTM in the News

A leading Israeli Business newspaper - "The Marker" - recently published an article "Precise's Comeback" in the past weekend's paper.
The article recalls how Precise, started up in 1989, reached a peak valuation of one billion dollars after it's IPO in 2000. This past year Precise was sold for a mere $20M to Greylock Partners.

Here is a translated excerpt from the Article:
Zohar Gilad, Precise's Executive VP, stated that the players in the IT field can be divided into two categories; "There are the giants like IBM, HP, ca, and BMC that show less innovation, and by their side are the startups who bring a lot of innovation".

These Startups are the Israeli Correlsense and Optier that work in a similar field as Precise. Oren Elias, Correlsense's CEO, said, "While Precise's product monitors the Databases and the Servers themselves, Correlsense's product monitors the communications between the servers. It is a little bit different, but it is definately potential competition."

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