Sunday, October 12, 2008

The BTM Competitive Landscape

 High Level Overview

The competitive landscape can be divided into three categories: 

  1. Large established companies (IBM, CA, Microsoft), 
  2. Independent performance management focused companies
  3. Startups (most of which are past their first round of funding) 

Many of the existing tools started their way several years ago. Over the years, the complexity of the applications increased and the large vendors have a hard time coping with the rapid change in application architectures.

The Challenge

Efficient management of today’s multi-tier applications requires a new approach – moving from managing servers and operating systems to managing applications and transactions. A new space named “transaction management” was formed. There is currently no market leader in this space and there are several startups that are tackling the challenge from different angles.

A Look at What the Startups are Offering

Optier - CoreFirst

  • Automatically discover the topology of every transaction
  • Track and Monitor transactions across tiers automatically and continuously
  • Show transactions at their instance level along with their individual work units
  • Provide analytics and historical reports
  • Attain low overheads
Correlix - Latency Intelligence
  • Monitor real‐time latency in complex trade execution flows and market data latency across  distribution infrastructure
  • Break down latency into the individual components and parties pinpointing bottlenecks
  • Track trends through historical analysis to optimize latency in trade execution flows

B-Hive - Conductor

  • Dynamic self-mapping of virtual and physical infrastructure to applications and underlying end-to-end transactions
  • Real-time monitoring of all infrastructure for usage and performance of the application and end user actions
  • Latency break-down for all infrastructure tiers within a single transaction context
Correlsense - Sharepath
  • Environment Independent – Sharepath analyzes network traffic and is therefore generic. 
  • Extremely low overhead - by design.
  • Accurate tracking of every transaction, traces a transaction through all tiers collecting real metrics, with no guess work.
  • Resource consumption profiling and modeling on all of the tiers
  • Advanced proactive management 

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