Friday, November 28, 2008

Linking Business to IT

You may have heard recently about the new paradigm of managing your IT by linking it to your Business. The first question that arises when one first hears of this statement is; what do you mean? My IT infrastructure is part of my business; it is integral to it. What is the meaning of linking my IT to my Business?

Business Transaction Management – The Link

What is your IT essentially? It is an infrastructure of hardware components that interact in order to provide a service or application to your users, those users are either paying customers or employees who in turn provide services or products to paying customers. Those users are the business, they are the source of revenue that enables the business to thrive or dwindle.

Business Transaction Management solutions provide the link between all of those processes and interactions that run throughout your IT and the business' source of income, the individual transaction activations.

How does Business Transaction Management do this? The concept is simple, but the means have been sought after for many years (and have finally been realized). Every single piece of data that enters or leaves every single server, along with the resource consumption of every process in every server is linked back to a transaction activation. In this manner, not only can you connect between the different "dots" within your data center, but you can connect to the most important dot of them all, the User.

Any problem that arises within the system will always be identified by the user (unless it is a false alarm), with the power to "connect between the dots" and see every parameter and statement within its business context (the transaction activation) resolution of problems becomes child's play.

The following video gives a clear view of the importance of Business Transaction Management and its ability to link Business and IT:


Anonymous said...

Can you please explain how correlsense is different/better than OpTier?

Business Transaction Management said...

This Blog's objective is to raise awareness about BTM in general, and does not seek to be a Correlsense marketing platform.
A full explanation from Correlsense's side can be given by Alon Ben-Shoshan - alonb(at)
From Optier's side you can contact Motti Tal, or use their contact form on the webpage.